🏀Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball 2024: New Lineups and Promising Prospects (event finished)🏀

🏀Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball 2024: New Lineups and Promising Prospects🏀

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🏆Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball 2024: A New Era🏆

Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball team has always been a source of pride and excitement for Filipino basketball enthusiasts. As the team gears up for the challenges ahead in 2024, it introduces a new lineup filled with talent, youth, and experience. With seasoned veterans and promising young players, the team aims to make waves in international competitions. Let’s delve into the new lineup and the potential impact of each player.


Scottie Thompson:

  • Scottie Thompson brings versatility and energy to the team. Known for his exceptional rebounding, playmaking, and defensive skills, Thompson adds depth to the guard position. His ability to contribute in multiple facets of the game makes him a valuable asset for Gilas Pilipinas.


CJ Perez:

  • CJ Perez is a dynamic guard-forward with explosive athleticism and scoring ability. His speed and agility make him a threat in transition, while his defensive prowess adds another dimension to the team’s defense. Perez’s scoring versatility and tenacity make him a key player for Gilas Pilipinas.


Dwight Ramos:

  • Dwight Ramos emerged as one of the brightest young talents in Philippine basketball. Standing tall at 6’5″, Ramos possesses a unique blend of size, skill, and basketball IQ. As a versatile wing player, he can score, facilitate, and defend at a high level. His emergence on the international stage has been impressive, and he’s poised to be a cornerstone for Gilas Pilipinas.


June Mar Fajardo:

  • June Mar Fajardo needs no introduction to Philippine basketball. As a six-time PBA Most Valuable Player, Fajardo is a dominant force in the paint. His size, strength, and scoring ability make him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Fajardo’s presence provides stability and leadership to the team, especially in the frontcourt.


Chris Newsome:

  • Chris Newsome brings experience and versatility to the team. As a seasoned veteran in the PBA, Newsome has proven himself as a reliable scorer, playmaker, and defender. His ability to excel in various roles makes him a valuable addition to Gilas Pilipinas.


Calvin Oftana:

  • Calvin Oftana is a rising star in Philippine basketball. As the reigning PBA Rookie of the Year, Oftana has showcased his scoring prowess and basketball IQ. Standing at 6’5″, he possesses the size and skill to excel as a forward. Oftana’s ability to stretch the floor and make plays off the dribble adds a new dimension to the team’s offense.


Jamie Malonzo:

  • Jamie Malonzo is a high-flying forward with tremendous athleticism and potential. His ability to finish above the rim and defend multiple positions makes him an exciting prospect for Gilas Pilipinas. Malonzo’s energy and athleticism provide a spark off the bench and in transition.


Kevin Quiambao:

  • Kevin Quiambao is a promising young man with a bright future ahead. Standing at 6’8″, Quiambao possesses the size, strength, and skill to dominate in the paint. His rebounding, shot-blocking, and scoring ability make him a valuable asset for Gilas Pilipinas.


Kai Sotto:

  • Kai Sotto is a towering center with immense potential. Standing at 7’3″, Sotto is one of the most intriguing prospects in Philippine basketball history. His size, length, and skill set make him a unique talent with the ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. Sotto’s development and progress will be closely monitored as he continues to hone his skills on the international stage.


Carl Tamayo:

  • Carl Tamayo is a young and talented forward with a bright future ahead of him. As a product of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets program, Tamayo has shown glimpses of his potential as a versatile forward. His scoring ability, rebounding, and defensive instincts make him a promising prospect for Gilas Pilipinas.


AJ Edu:

  • AJ Edu is an athletic and versatile forward with a promising future in basketball. Standing at 6’10”, Edu possesses the size and athleticism to excel as a rim protector and finisher around the basket. His defensive versatility and ability to run the floor make him an intriguing prospect for Gilas Pilipinas.


Justin Brownlee:

  • Justin Brownlee is a seasoned veteran with a proven track record of success in Philippine basketball. As a naturalized player, Brownlee brings experience, leadership, and scoring ability to the team. His versatility to play multiple positions and excel in clutch situations make him a valuable asset for Gilas Pilipinas.



The new lineup of Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball team for 2024 is a perfect blend of youth, talent, and experience. With a mix of seasoned veterans and promising young players, the team is poised to compete at the highest level in international competitions. As they continue to develop chemistry and cohesion, the future looks bright for Gilas Pilipinas.

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The team boasts a mix of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, providing depth and versatility in various positions. They possess strong offensive firepower, defensive tenacity, and the ability to compete at a high level internationally.

The team is expected to participate in various international tournaments and competitions, including the FIBA Asia Cup, Southeast Asian Games, and possibly Olympic Qualifying Tournaments, depending on qualification.

Some of the newcomers to the team include Dwight Ramos, Calvin Oftana, Jamie Malonzo, Kevin Quiambao, Kai Sotto, Carl Tamayo, and AJ Edu. These young talents bring fresh energy and potential to the team.

Veteran players like June Mar Fajardo and Justin Brownlee provide leadership, experience, and scoring prowess to the team. They serve as mentors to the younger players and play crucial roles in guiding the team towards success.

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